Seller's Closing Disclosure Professional


Are you representing the Seller in a real estate closing and just need a Seller Only Disclosure? This is the form you need! CFPB-compliant Sellerís Closing Disclosure Form (with 2019 1099-S form) designed specifically for use with residential closing transactions.

Why fill out an entire Closing Disclosure Form if the lender is only asking for the Seller Side only? Use this form to keep things simple and get the job done. The Sellerís Closing Disclosure is mathematically perfect and it looks great too. Best of all, it takes minutes, as opposed to hours, to complete. This form opens in your word processing program (Microsoft Word or Corel WordPerfect) and has a shaded guide to help you quickly maneuver through the document entering data.

Order now and start using for your real estate closings. It comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Join the thousands of attorneys nationwide who already have discovered ThorpeForms.
*Select 2019 License option for customers updating 2017 or 2018 forms.

*Note: The Closing Disclosure Professional includes the full borrower/seller form WITH an option to instantly create a Sellerís Side Disclosure.
Features and Benefits

  • Quick access to your closing forms through the ThorpeForms Desktop 2019.
  • Opens directly into your word processor (see system requirements below).
  • Easy shaded guide helps you move quickly through the form and enter information & figures where appropriate.
  • Extra Seller signature lines
  • NEW Pro-Ration Assistant instantly pro-rates your taxes
  • Performs all of your math calculations, including Aggregate Adjustment
  • Stores & generates your 2019 1099-S forms
  • Expanded Section E Features & Addendum with additional lines
  • QuickPick features allows you to save broker & settlement agent information for quick entry on future forms
  • Easily saves as a .PDF document for transmittal on secure Lender Platorms
  • FREE Technical Support

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System Requirements
Operating System Windows 7 and above
Word Processor Microsoft Word 2010 (or above, locally installed) or
Corel WordPerfect X5 (or above)
More About This Product
Version: 2019.1.0
Last Updated: 12/12/2018
Next Projected Update: 1/1/2020