1041 Professional


A companion to our 706 & 709 Professional software packages, the 1041 Professional contains all the forms you need to file a federal income tax return for an estate or trust. All necessary ancillary forms are produced, including schedules D, J & K-1. Continuation pages are also provided that self-calculate--just like all the other forms--and produce figures that are automatically figured into your 1041 form. The 1041 Professional includes line-by-line government instructions, which assures that you have the material you need to complete your filing accurately.
Features and Benefits

  • Completes all calculations (consulting relevant tax tables where necessary)
  • Enables you to single-enter standard case information and have it transfer throughout the forms
  • Generates all schedules and continuation pages
  • Contains line by line government instructions
  • Prints forms on plain white paper
  • Generates perfect 1041 forms that you can file immediately with the IRS
  • Integrates effectively with our 706 and 709 Professional Products
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System Requirements
Operating System Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7
Word Processor Microsoft Word 2000 (or above) or
Corel WordPerfect 10 (or above)
More About This Product
Version: 2012.1.0
Last Updated: 02/2012
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