David Thorpe
Founder David Thorpe, Licensed to practice law in New York
About Us

Back in the early nineties, the legal software market was dominated by large software and legal-publishing companies. Because they had no competitors, the software they produced was often inferior and was always extremely expensive.

Founded on the principle of providing unsurpassed legal software at an affordable price, ThorpeForms is today one of the most successful legal software developers nationwide. We now have over 14,000 professionals using our software.

For all the people who had the vision to try our first programs, we would like to say thank you. Your support has enabled us to establish a customer base, to branch out into new areas of law, and to continue to provide user-friendly, productivity-enhancing software.

For each new product we develop, we work closely with professionals from across the country. In that way, we are able to create a product that is accurately tailored to the needs of professionals like you. If you would like to explore how our software can enhance your business, we invite you to call our office or tour our website.