North Carolina Child Support Professional


Do you complete child support forms as part of your practice? All forms required by North Carolina are included in our comprehensive North Carolina Child Support Professional software. The software generates the appropriate child support obligation worksheet based on whether custody is sole, joint/shared, or split. All forms that contain math calculations produce those figures automatically. Client information is entered once and propagated throughout the forms. Also included is a trial of our Child Support Interest Calculator so that you can instantly calculate child support in arrearage with interest.
Features and Benefits

  • Completes all calculations
  • Enables you to single-enter standard case information and have it transfer throughout the forms
  • Print forms perfectly on plain white paper
  • Generates perfect child support forms that you can submit immediately
  • Integrates seamlessly with our Child Support Interest Calculator
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System Requirements
Operating System Windows 2007 and above
Word Processor Microsoft Word 2007 (or above) or
Corel WordPerfect 13 (or above)
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