Cash-Commercial HUD-1

NEW FORM (with 2017 1099-S form) to use with cash, commercial & farmland closings. Use of the new Closing Disclosure Form is not required for cash or commercial closings. Eliminate any confusion at the closing table with this new form - no GFE references, no GFE/HUD-1 Comparison table and easily remove references to lender/loan for your all cash closings!

Thousands of attorneys use our forms because it works right in your word processor.

Launch the Cash/Commercial HUD-1 Professional directly into your word processor (WordPerfect or Microsoft Word required). Use the shaded guide to move through the form and enter information & figures where appropriate. The software will automatically do your math, tax prorations, and aggregate adjustment. This product will also instantly generate 2017 1099-S tax forms and a disbursement sheet.

Give our Cash/Commercial HUD-1 form a try. It's just $99.95 and comes with a complete 30-day money-back guarantee. Download now, by selecting the "Order Now" button (above) and then follow the prompts to checkout. Once you've downloaded, call our office to receive a walk-through of the software's features. Why not join the thousands of attorneys nationwide who already have discovered ThorpeForms: Download your copy now!

Features and Benefits

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    System Requirements
    Operating System Windows 7 and above
    Word Processor Microsoft Word 2007 (or above) or
    Corel WordPerfect 13 (or above)
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    Version: 2017.1.2
    Last Updated: 2/12/2017
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