Closing Disclosure with ALTA Settlement Statements Professional

Closing Disclosure with ALTA Settlement Statements. MANDATORY use began on October 3, 2015 (replaces HUD-1 Professional) for residential loan closings. Includes 2018 1099-S form.

2018 License Discount available for customers updating 2016 & 2017 forms.
Features and Benefits

  • New TRID Closing Disclosure form
  • ALTA Settlement Statements (Combined & Seller)
  • Option to print 2 pg Seller's Only Disclosure
  • Proration Worksheet
  • Disbursement Report and Aggregate Analysis Worksheet
  • QuickPick feature saves lender/broker/settlement agent information for quick entry on future forms
  • Saves and prints 1099 data
  • Easily saves as .PDF document for transmittal on secure Lender Platforms
  • As always, we provide FREE technical support

    This is the Closing Disclosure software package with all the "bells & whistles". Launch the Closing Disclosure with ALTA Settlement Statements Professional directly into your word processor (Corel WordPerfect or Microsoft Word required) and you’ll see the new Closing Disclosure form. Use our shaded guide to move through the form and enter information & figures where appropriate. When you're finished, the form will automatically do your math, tax prorations, and aggregate adjustment. You can also instantly generate 2 pg Seller Only Disclosures, ALTA Settlement Statements (Combined & Seller), 2018 1099-S tax forms and a disbursement sheet.

    Aren't you tired of the risk of math errors on your form? Or how about messy alterations because of last minute title company charges or adjustments between the buyer and seller? You eliminate all those hassles with our computerized form. Your final Closing Disclosure is mathematically perfect and it looks great too. Best of all, it takes minutes, as opposed to hours, to complete.

    Try our Closing Disclosure with ALTA Settlement Statements form. It comes with a complete 30-day money-back guarantee. Download now, by selecting the "Order Now" button and follow the prompts to checkout. Once you've downloaded, print the Product Instructions or call our office to receive a walk-through of the software's features.

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System Requirements
Operating System Windows 7 and above
Word Processor Microsoft Word 2007 and above or
Corel WordPerfect 13 and above
More About This Product
Version: 2018.1.2
Last Updated: 1/12/2018
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